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 Dectective Midnight Crow and The Mysterious Band

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PostSubject: Dectective Midnight Crow and The Mysterious Band   Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:15 am

Detective Midnight Crow and The Mysterious Band

For most people, when a baby is born the family gather around, are happy and start celebrating its birth. In the family you are about to read about the birth of this child was brought into the world hidden from most, the mother hadn’t told anyone she was hiding from the child’s real father, but knew someday the truth would be found out and that thought tormented her. She got married, started a new life and even began to be happy with how things were looking forward to the child being born. As soon as the child was born there was something strange about how it acted, was treated and looked, she had pitch black raven hair and blue eyes that seemed be silver coloured at times whenever a nurse called Linda came close. Every time she came close the child froze, wouldn’t move

Chapter 1

One heavily clouded, rainless, lightening filled dark night a young looking teenager was walking down her street staring at the floor thinking hard about things that were troubling her, like how her parents were planning on moving to Ireland soon and had asked her to join them, but she had to say no due to her job, She wanted to go with them but knew going would mean she would lose her job, friends’ and contacts she had made over the years here. Her thoughts then turned to the letter she had received through the letterbox about a job she was doing tonight, inside all there was were instructions to not harm any people if possible, to be careful nothing is seen that endangers any outsiders, where the job was and the time and dress code. Smiling at the memory of what they said for the dress code ‘Punk/Grunge/Leather rocker but make sure you’re able to fight and run’ she turned down an alleyway, heading for the park where there was meant to be a party tonight. Her long raven black hair was loose and slightly wavy, it swayed from side to side while she walked down the alleyway, stepping over trash cans and moving around the odd sleeping homeless person avoiding pools of sick and broken bottles that seemed to litter the floor. Her blood red top seemed to glow as the black, blue eyed dragon on the front of the blood red top as it was hit the little bit of light from a dirty street lamp, her tight leather pants showing off her figure and her curves; she didn’t really seem to be wearing make-up just a slight bit of cover to make her look a little better and to finish off her outfit she was wearing black leather boots that reached her knees.

When she got to the end of the alleyway she started hearing loud music coming from the park and it seemed to wake her up from her haze of thoughts. She walked across the road to the edge of park hearing the heavy metal music growing louder and louder the closer she drew to it, her smile grew when she could hear it and she shut her eyes for a few moments to just enjoy the music before carefully paced so as not to bring attention to herself moving into where the people were gathering. She could see the people around all hearing for the same place that rested deeper in the lit up by chandelier lights threaded from tree to tree to light up the park enough for people to easily walk through and find their way to the centre and band waiting there. Suddenly, she got tapped on the shoulder; she jumped and turned quickly raising her leg in order to kick whoever it was in the face and end in a fighting stance. The person didn’t move fast enough and got hit square in the cheek with full force, the person was half knocked out and went flying backwards into a tree stunned; she lowered her leg and placed it back on the floor the looked over towards the person that had surprised her as people just walked around the two people that seemed to be fighting, hoping not to be dragged into a fight so they were given a wide berth. As she walked over she noticed it was a guy in punk clothes with spiky hair, she looked as if she was surprised for a few moments then said “Trevor is that you!? Are you trying to get hurt you dumb ass!?” Sounding kind of angry at how stupid he was being.
He looked up at her and started laughing “Well you didn’t have to kick me did you!” She looked down at him standing in the same spot as she was and turned her head away to look toward where the music was coming from “Look, I’m here because I have a job to do, I suggest you keep out of my way till its over. Understand Trevor?” She turned her head back to stare at him giving him a slight black look and he just nodded in agreement. She smiled and watched him get up and brush himself off walking into the mess of people heading for the band, she reached into her back pocket of her leather trousers, pulled out something hidden in black satin cloth and headed for the music putting in her ear plugs and contacts as she went.
When she finally reached where the band was she was wearing her contacts and ear plugs and couldn’t hear the music as loud as it was playing, it became nothing but background music, though the beat of the drums went through and into the core of her, leaving a pounding feeling throughout her body. She sighed and started to scan around looking for her targets’ unsure of who or what she was after, the band changed song and she started circle the place still searching and keeping fully alert for any little sound or disturbance. When she comes across a rocky part behind the band stand she bends down and looks at the square outlined by the stones carefully and sees scratch marks on them like something heavy and tough was dragged down them. She frowned then shook her head and walked over to the nearest tree she took something out of the top of her knee high boots and pressed it into the tree trunk, she turned to check out the crowd and saw Trevor standing near the stage head banging with a group of his friends. She remembered the first time she’d seen Trevor and how he was then remembered how odd he’d been acting and how he had dumped his friends and got in with these new ones. She suddenly woke up from her memories when she head a rustling in some of the bushes nearby and her hand went to behind her back trying to make it look harmless and unimportant while reaching behind to under her top and grabbed the hilt of her knife and got ready in case she had to fight; not wanting to be caught off guard and end up paying for it. When out of the bushes came a couple of teens, the girls hair was a complete mess and the guys shirt was undone and he was carrying it under his arm, as they were walking out the guy put his arm round her waist tugging her close kissing the girls neck as they walked towards the band, she smirked to herself as the girl giggled and wrapped her arm round the mans waist settling close to him so she took her hand away from the hilt of the knife and went back to scanning her surroundings. She slowly made her way round the clearing swaying in time to the drum beat of the music while putting these things under branches, making sure she wasn’t caught nor seen or just attempting to hide what she was really up to such as pretending to stretch or play with the lights, just plain using any excuse she could think of while trying to look not out of the ordinary. When she was finally done she was behind the band stand again, just able to see the crowd as a teeming mass of hands and bodies moving in time to the music, she watched surprised that so many were able to move to the music with slight ease, as she was glancing through the crowd she noticed Trevor’s friends were watching her though she couldn’t see their faces too well with the flashing lights from the stage and flashes from the lightening though the noise of the lightening and thunder was slightly over ridden by the music, she kept composure pretending she hadn’t noticed them watching her so she started moving to the music pretending she had been doing nothing of any importance, just dancing. She glanced at the band that were playing banging their heads, screaming out the lyrics and jumping round the stage still enjoying the high from the music and crowds reaction, she would have thought they were taking drugs if there hadn’t been a test done before they came here; she noticed a police officer standing on the side of the band stand remembering how some would feel half tempted to go over and ask him if he had noticed anything strange but knowing damn well that would fully blow her cover. There was some movement in the corner of her eye so she glanced in the direction of the movement, when she looked there she saw two of Trevor’s friends were starting to move away from the front of the stage and towards her. As they got closer she noticed a tear appearing on one of the men’s shoulders which she could see as he was wearing a thin vest with a dark ripped jean jacket with no sleeves and dark jean trousers, the other was wearing about the same minus the jacket; when they were close to changing so she started moving back through the trees then turned and ran through them to try and find a good place to fight where no one would see nor get in the way. As she ran she quickly took out her ear plugs and jammed them into her leather trousers, wincing as the sound suddenly got louder but managing to keep running she left the contacts in for now knowing they may yet come in handy, she heard a crash to her left and smiled, they were trying to steer her to where they wanted so she ignored the noises and just kept running till finally she was out the park and running towards a old deserted looking house, she listened and could hear they were still following her and grinned thinking to herself “Oh I am going to enjoy this.”
When they got in the building she stopped suddenly and skidded around to face them, her hand while skidding round had gotten out the knife and was holding it in front of her defensively her other hand getting out her badge she shouted “I am Detective Midnight! I am trying to find out why so many have gone missing at these concerts and you are interrupting an investigation, for which I am able to arrest you!” The two men slunk into the building grinning “We know who you are and what you are up to, we were sent to shut you up before you ruin out bosses plans.” Midnight’s eyes went large as one came into the light enough so she could see him better, it was the one that had tears appearing on his shoulders it had now torn completely and in the place of a normal human arm there was a misty sort of arm and 15 inch claws, the man gave a malicious grin darting towards her moving a lot faster than a normal human could possibly move. As he darted towards her he had his arm arched back when he got closer he took a swipe at her, she could tell from the look of the claws they were razor sharp and more than likely there was something even more threatening about them, something about Midnight changed then she moved faster than the man had thought she could, she dodged his slash at her with seemingly ease and got behind him moved her hand down fast and hard plunging her blade deep into his chest, she then quickly avoided yet another wild slash at her neck jumping away from the man. The man started laughing looking at the blade then at her “What a stupid move Miss Midnight, we thought you were smarter than that and that they would have told you what you were up against at least. This should be easier than we thought.” With that he grabbed the hilt of the blade drawing it out of his chest grinning, his eyes were turning silver and his teeth which were showing in his grin were getting sharper and more pointed, when the blade was drawn out his blood started pouring out but doing something strange, instead of dripping down like normal blood it spread over the mans body and instead of red it was silver. As it spread over the mans body coating him completely Midnight tried to move but found herself stuck as if paralyzed, the now silver coated mans misty arm wasn’t the only part like that the rest of the man was slowly turning silver misty. When it reached his face and had started turning that misty the silver was throbbing and the air was crackling around them, the house suddenly seemed to shudder under this new presence, Midnight glared at the demon in front of her internally beating herself up for being such a fool as to not find out what they were and what she had to fight, but there was no point in beating herself up it was too late now she just had to hope she lived through this to learn from this. The demon seemed to draw in the silver blood back into his body now that it had done what it was meant to, change him into his true form, he made a noise that she was guessing was a laugh, but it sounded like a mix between a growl, snapping bones and a snarl “Are you comfortable Midnight? Though it really doesn’t matter anymore does it, because either way you are going to die tonight. I am so glad we get to kill you; I was going to be sad if someone else got the chance to before us. Get ready to die Miss Crow?” With that he took a step towards her grinning with malice coating every word he uttered and easily noted in his every movement, but instead of being afraid she just looked at him smiling sweetly “Oh I’m not the one going to be dying tonight, I’m also glad I got you two to come after me, you two are easier to kill than the others likely are.” The demon snarled moved so his face was near hers breathing into her face, his breath smelt like something had crawled inside and died but also of burning, she gagged at the smell swallowing hard then the demon made the same noise from earlier obviously his way of laughing, he stood up a little and held out his hand stepping round Midnight, she tried to see what was happening now but still couldn’t move. She suddenly felt another presence in the building, but not of another demon but a normal human “I’m so glad you managed to find us my pet, I was afraid you wouldn’t make it.” Midnight started struggling more as she recognized the feel of this person then heard something that made her freeze “Well I did say I wanted to see you and your real form” That voice, it was her cousins Ashleigh who she hadn’t seen in over 4 months the last time she had seen Ash had been at the park on a family picnic where Ash had hurriedly left early after a phone call from a guy she liked which was obviously this demon. The demon walked back to in front of Midnight smirking with Ash holding his misty shape of a hand yet managing to not cut her hand on his claws, when they got in front of Midnight she just stared at her cousin in horror, her cousin was standing there smiling happily holding that hand she then frowned obviously wondering why they were just standing there and why the demon was grinning at the person near them so she looked at what had his attention and her jaw dropped “Midnight?! What are you doing here? Why are you here?” Ash sounded shocked and scared, Midnights mind was in turmoil trying to figure out how or why her cousin was with this thing and what had happened to her cousin to make her date a demon, the girl obviously knew what it was and yet was willingly touching it, her thoughts then turned to anger her cousin was only 17 three years younger than Midnight herself. “I’m here on a job, which is now being interrupted. So this is the man you’ve decided to date? How long has this been going on? Do Aunt Tilly and Uncle Will know?” She could already guess that answer by the colour draining out her cousins face and a worried look spread over her face, Midnight almost felt sorry for her but she knew how dangerous her cousins choice was and from the look on the demon’s face he was planning something nasty for her cousin, Midnight glanced as her cousin moved her left arm and her eyes shut suddenly, her cousins hand was down this demons remains of his trousers which would explain the pleasured look on his face, her cousin was touching up a demon! Midnight just felt sick, but before her cousin could say anything the demon spoke “Ash and I are going away for some fun, be back soon, enjoy your time with my friend Midnight, I heard he’s every good at what he does.” Her cousin licked her lips obviously excited about spending time with this demon which the mere thought of was enough to make Midnight finally throw up what little she had had to eat that day. The demon walked off towards the room next to this one, she heard the door shut and with it so did her eyes wishing this wasn’t happening, the man behind that had been with the demon moved forward to in front of her and started looking Midnight up and down grinning but before he could touch her the door next door opened and her cousin called out “Mike, can we ask a favour?” Midnight could tell her cousin was still being touched due to he pleasure undertone along with blushing, Midnight didn’t like the sound of this where the man was grinning more widely “What favour sweetness?” He started stroking Midnights cheek while answering her cousin but suddenly Midnight couldn’t even move her head how she wanted, when she opened her eyes again she noticed her line of sight was on his crotch but she could tell he was getting more distracted as what was holding her still was loosening, he was more focused on what was throbbing under his trousers “Can you stop getting turned on and do your job and no touching Midnight, its upsetting my pet, ok?” Midnight looked shocked at what the demon said
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Dectective Midnight Crow and The Mysterious Band
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