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 Norse Gods and Goddesses

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PostSubject: Norse Gods and Goddesses   Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:19 pm

Just like with the Aztec gods, I'm going to group these all together

Odin was the head of the Aesir gods. Odin was the Norse god of war, poetry, wisdom, and death. He gathered his portion of the slain warriors in Valhalla. Odin had a spear, Grungir, that never missed. He made sacrifices, including his eye, for the sake of knowledge.

Andvari In Norse mythology, Andvari guarded treasures,

Forseti is the Norse god of justice. He is the son of Balder and Nanna.

Freya was a Vanir goddess of sex, fertility, war, and wealth, daughter of Njord.

Freyr was a Norse god of weather and fertility; brother of Freya

Frigg was a Norse goddess of love and fertility. In some accounts she was Odin's wife, making her foremost among the Aesir goddesses. She was the mother of Balder.

Balder was an Aesir god and a son of Odin and Frigg. Balder was the husband of Nanna, father of Forseti. He was killed with mistletoe thrown by his blind brother Hod. According to Saxo Grammaticus, Hod did it on his own; others blame Loki.

Hod was a son of Odin. Hod was the blind god of winter who killed his brother Balder and was in turn killed by his brother Vali.

Loki is a giant in Norse mythology. He is also a trickster, the god of thieves, possibly responsible for Balder's death. Adopted brother of Odin, Loki was bound to a rock until Ragnarok.

Njord was a Vanir god of wind and sea. He was the father of Freya and Frey. Njord's wife was the giantess Skadi who selected him on the basis of his feet, which she thought belonged to Balder.

Thor was the Norse thunder god, the main enemy of the giants, and the son of Odin. The common man called upon Thor in preference to his father, Odin.

Tyr was the Norse god of war. He put his hand in the mouth of the Fenris wolf. Thereafter, Tyr was left-handed.
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Norse Gods and Goddesses
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