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 some types of satanism

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PostSubject: some types of satanism   Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:58 pm

Theistic Satanism, also called Spiritual or Traditional Satanism, is the worship of Satan and consists of several viewpoints and groups. One group that falls under the definition of Theistic Satanism are called "Reverse Christians"; this is sometimes used as a disparaging term by other theistic Satanists and is embraced to a lesser or greater extent by the groups given this label. Groups called "Reverse Christians" are said to practice what Christians claim Satanists do, and worship the enemy of Christ and God. Other groups of Theistic Satanists do not accept the Bible as depicting the true Satan to the same degree. The Spiritual Satanists however see Satan as a god that looks just like any other human but, as with all religions, is not uniform throughout all believers. While there are those who view Satan as a human-like entity, there are those who accept the ancient Roman image of Lucifer, and even those who imagine him as the image of the Greek god Pan. Spiritual Satanists tend to focus their time on meditation and self expansion. They claim that beliefs have nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible and their view on Satanism.

Luciferianism is a recently developed offshoot of Satanism that keeps most of the tenets of Satanism, yet it has more leniency to what is commonly referred to as a "good" morality. Their view of Satan may incorporate some concepts from contemporary western religion, such as the sense of him by some of them as a father. One of these groups considers themselves to be "Christian Satanists," rejects the ideas of magic and rituals, and define themselves as being in the middle of LaVeyan Satanism and Christian teachings. This stance has led to their rejection from the Church of Satan.

LaVeyan Satanists are technically Atheists and Agnostics and believe that Satan is a metaphor that represents the natural urges of mankind. The term LaVeyan Satanist, or symbolic Satanist, is used by other Satanists to refer to supporters of the writings of Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey and successors such as Peter H. Gilmore. Use of the word Satanism in this context, according to religioustolerance.org, refers to a "small religious group that is unrelated to any other faith, and whose members feel free to satisfy their urges responsibly, exhibit kindness to their friends, and attack their enemies."

Symbolic Satanism(sometimes called Modern Satanism) is the observance and practice of Satanic religious beliefs, philosophies and customs. In this interpretation of Satanism, the Satanist does not worship Satan in the theistic sense, but is an adversary to all spiritual creeds, espousing hedonism, materialism, Randian Objectivism, antinomianism, rational egoism, individualism, suitheism, Nietzschean and some Crowleyan philosophy and anti-theism.

these are just some types of satanism which i found in wikipedia.though in my opion LaVeyan satanism is the best or koolest and is my favorite.if you know/find any other type please post it here in this thread.

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some types of satanism
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