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 Nocturnal Wicchcraft

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PostSubject: Nocturnal Wicchcraft   Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:25 am

This is my Religion. We are not evil, in legue with the devil or anything like that, in fact we try to help people most of the time. But like every kind of magic it can be used for good or evil purposes, I hope this help you understand it more. If not ask questions on this thread.

Darkest wishes
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PostSubject: Nocturnal Witchcraft/Paganism and Vampyrecraft   Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:03 am

Nocturnal Witchcraft is exactly what the name implies: Witchcraft with a focus on the Night. Nocturnal Witches and Pagans worship Nocturnal Gods and Goddesses, work with Nocturnal and Lunar energies, and the Darkness, rather than the Light, is their most sacred time.

My Faith, on the other hand, is often called Vampyrecraft, and again, the name says it all. It is the Craft of Vampyres. Our Deities are not merely Nocturnal, but have an association with Vampyres. In my particular practice, my God and Goddess pair (I follow a Wiccan model) are Nyx, Goddess of Night, and Erebus, God of Darkness. It is my belief that, though Vampyres are physically human, our souls are of a different sort. Human, but not quite. The same, but not. Sort of a different spiritual race. Like the differences between blacks and whites - basically the same, definitely human, but with different congenital problems and risks. We are from a different Source, almost.

Being born from Darkness and Night, rather than Day and Light, we don't quite fit in this world. Those others of humankind are born to walk in the Sun, where it causes us pain. We are destined for the gentler Light of the Moon. But our souls are out of synch with the energies of this plane. We cannot gain our sustenance from the food we eat as our Light-born brethren. The energies of those very brethren are what we require for they are closer in synch with us, and easier to change. We require this predation to stay sane and healthy, because if our souls become sick and weak, so may we. We are predators of our brethren, but we love them. Instead of Hunting them for blood or energy, we ask for it. We ask our brethren be donors for us, giving of their own vitality by their own choices. Still we are predatory, though we often live more like parasites, and when the Hunger strikes us hard, the Dragon can emerge. Even the most careful and respectful Vampyre can lose her mind and sense, becoming the starved animal, the Hungry Dragon her pain causes her to be.

We seek our comfort in the Arms of Night and Darkness, praying for strength and guidance. We ask for help such that the Dragon within each of us is kept satisfied and finds no need to Hunt.

We honor and respect our mundane, Light-born brethren, and love them for their gifts, but we walk in the Light of our Moon and the Shadows of our Dark Day.
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Nocturnal Wicchcraft
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