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 At Least One Day More

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PostSubject: At Least One Day More   Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:19 am

Cowering in a corner from the cruel things that you say.
Trembling in fear, because my actions were insane.
Flinching as your footsteps draw closer and near.
Wondering why I disappointed one that I hold so dear.
Wondering what will happen as you force me to my feet.
Dreading that my actions will soon get me beat.
Fearing that you'll hate me, when you're deed is done.
Wondering if this means the end of all our fun.
Sobbing as you've finished, my punishment is done,
I cower in a corner to get away from everyone.
Flinching as your footsteps draw closer once again,
Fearing you are angrier than you have ever been.
Tears streaming from my face as you force me up again,
You pull me to your chest and say "Now don't do that again."
I nod you hold me closer as if it never happen.
We stand there a while longer in a comforting embrace,
Then you softly wipe the tears all off of my face
I fall asleep as you carry me to bed.
You tuck me in and pat my head, then heave a heavy sigh.
Then ask me softly to yourself, "Why did you wish to die?
Why did you wish to throw away the life you will now live?
Why did you wish to take away all of the joy you give?
Why did you wish to break my heart in pieces on the floor?
Why did you wish to make me walk alone through that morgue door?
What pushed you so far that, You'd think I wouldn't care?
What stupid jerk possessed you to take that stupid dare?
My dear child, I do not know why you do the things you do.
But I hope you always know that I am here for you.
I'll thank my lucky stars today and forever more,
Just because I have you for at least one day more."
As you stood to leave, more tears ran down my face.
Sad that I had scared you, ashamed of my disgrace.
I sniffed and softly said, "D' I love you so,
And I'm also glad I'll be here for at least one day more."
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At Least One Day More
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