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 Lies That Hurt

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PostSubject: Lies That Hurt   Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:17 am

As I sit here thinking
looking to a stormy sky,
I ask myself softly,
Why did you tell those lies?

Some say you told them cause you were scared
Some say you thought they'd get you spared
Others say it's just because,
you thought he cared, wished for his love

You let him beat you every night
Then claimed everything was alright
You fell down stairs
You had a wreck
Got in a fight
then lost a bet.
Yet still when asked "Are you alright?"
You smiled, said "yea." Another lie.

Your bruises grew
Your spirit vanished.
My heart broke
You took more damage
Yet still insisted you could manage

I sit here at your funeral sad
How could you call that monster dad?
The one you hoped cared for you so,
took your life and was just let go.

There is no proof he harmed you ever.
It hurts to know you'll be avenged never.

As I sit here thinking,
looking to a stormy sky,
I ask myself softly,
Will he even cry?

Will he shed a tear for the son he cruelly killed?
Will he fill any pain as your grave is slowly filled?
For some reason, I think not.
For your life we should have fought.

In a way, I'm glad that, you're no longer here.
You no longer have to cower, you don't have to show no fear.
You no longer have to suffer from hands that harm you so.
And I'll think of you forever. I just wanted you to know.

As I sit here thinking,
looking to a stormy sky,
I ask myself softly,
Why did you tell those lies?
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PostSubject: Beautiful..   Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:39 am

Dear Raven,
This is beautiful, well done. It is sad, it shows what you feel at the time and ever so well laid out. Please write more.

Darkest wishes
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Lies That Hurt
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