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PostSubject: Aida~Wedo.....   Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:48 pm

Aida-Wedo is the Yoruban (western African) and Vodou goddess of water, snakes, and the rainbow, represented by the rainbow python, a snake whose scales are iridescent. The rainbow serpent is the symbol of integration in many parts of the world, including Africa, Australia and America, and represents that which links heaven and earth, and encircles the world to unite her disparate elements.

In the Vodou tradition, Aida-Wedo (and Her husband Damballah) belong to the Rada Lwa, or spirits who come out of the rites of the old kingdom of Dahomey (present Nigeria, Benin and Togo), generally considered to be benevolent and sweet (dous).

She represents continuity and strength, integration and wholeness, as the rainbow contains all the colors, split from white light. Integrity, whether physical (structural), or moral, is the natural result of integration--weaving together elements that are very different. Her message is one of healing and strength for the whole of the world.

Offerings to Aida-Wedo include white foods such as milk, rice, and eggs.
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